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So Much To Say, So Little Time

February 22nd, 2010

I love blogging and I have really missed it lately. Trouble is, if I take the time to update my blog with stories about my darling children, something in my impossibly busy world has to give, like feeding the little buggers or washing their clothes or taking them to school… sigh. I saw an advertisement for a new show called Parenthood in which Ron Howard said that once you are a parent, it’s like you are swimming the rapids and all you can do is keep going with it. That is exactly where I am at right now in my life. Thank you for the poignant analogy, Opie. “Life jackets, so we can be safe”, says Diego. 

Enough about me, while I have this small window of opportunity, let me commence with a wee bit of blogging…

The kids are just great.

Howdy, strangers!

We just spent a fairly action-packed week of February vacation together. Jake and Amy made their usual ‘bucket list’ at the beginning of the week and we successfully tackled many items. John was able to finagle an afternoon off and we  drove down to visit Great-Nana Lynch and Uncle Joe in Somerville. On the way back north, we stopped in at the mall and got Amy’s ears pierced:

Our girly girl!

With such clever planning like that, we were actually able to cross off two items in one day! Wee ha!

On a couple of the days that John was working, we had some of Jake’s friends over to play and to practice a brilliant skit he had written for a school project. Those days were filled with rehearsals, outdoor fun, computer and TV, and several more lunch plates than I am usually responsible for filling. Evan likes having his siblings’ friends over, but the skit, which involved some heated conversation and a bit of arguing, bothered him, as he was completely unfamiliar with the idea of acting. He was very concerned that the kids were angry at each other. He would look at them worriedly while he held me tight, saying, “Happy face? Mom, happy face?” That is one of his latest sayings which means something like “Hey, let’s settle down here and make up and love each other,” or, “Please don’t be mad anymore.”

One night, as per Jake’s wish list, John took Jake and Amy to see a movie. Another day we brought Gram with us over to Littleton where we visited the world’s longest candy counter. I let the big kids each choose about a pound of candy, I got Evan a handful of individually wrapped chocolate balls, and Grammy purchased a lovely medley of fudge.  On yet another day we ventured out for a walk up the hill with Evan in the jog stroller. A few times, I actually tried running with Lucy (both with Evan in the stroller and with just Lucy), but that is a humorous topic better left for when I have more time (ha ha)…

And so, I have saved the most exciting item on our “done” list for last…Per her request, I took Amy on a winter hike up a 4,000 footer. While John stayed home with the littlest Cotter and Jake, Amy and I climbed Mt. Tom. As you might expect, she did absolutely fantastic.

Kickin' some!

She handled the challenge like a real pro, ascending the mountain in the predicted “book time.” Here she is at the top:

Our rugged girl!

However, after stopping at the top, she became rather chilled.

I am small and cold.

That’s the thing about kids, they get cold a lot faster than us meaty adults. I helped her to bundle up in all of her extra clothing, including an insulated pair of snow pants. It warmed her up just fine, but she was tired coming down and decided that hiking in the winter was simply not as fun as hiking in the summer. Still, she rocks, and I look forward to her next to-do-wish-list!

Amy loved how the snow stuck to the trees and looked like a Dr. Suess illustration!

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  • 1. Kristin  |  February 25th, 2010 at 7:54 pm

    Finally! I’ve missed your posts, though I have essentially quit blogging altogether. Again, if you want to join Facebook to see all my pictures of Ella and Maisie and read all the random and stupid things I’m doing, please do! It seems that’s the only thing I have time to update lately.

    Will we still see you the weekend of July 11th in New Hampshire for the triathlon? Hope so–miss you!




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